Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy new years.... here are a few firsts

The first First: shockingly, NO pictures!
The next First: a sort of New Years resolution, but not really, because I am opposed to New Years's resolutions. They should be called January guilt trips, because they never really last much longer than one month.
So instead I thought I'd post in a spot readily accessible for me a few things I figured out in the last while, that would be good to implement. Here goes:

1. You cannot please all people all the time-- and you really shouldn't anyways.
If you can manage to please Heavenly Father, yourself and your hubby, you are way ahead.
2. Have an opinion, and make it a good one.
You don't have to necessarily share it, it is just nice to have one in case you need one.
3. Do not expect more from people than they are capable of, and then get mad at them, when they don't fulfill your expectations.
That goes esspecially for kids.
4. Be aware of the Ego.
Or you could call it the Natural Man. It is amazing what happens, when you become aware of him/her.
5. Be aware of the Moment.
The past is gone, the future is not here yet, the moment is all we have to live in. This is where we can create change, this is where the action is.
6. You can't get it ALL done NOW. Esspecially the laundry and the dishes.
So draw an imaginary line and then do some relaxing and enjoying.
7. Differentiate between the URGENT and the IMPORTANT. Prayer, Study and Meditation are important, rarely urgent, so they often get put at the end of the list. But remember, in the end, what you will take with you is what really matters.
8. There are certain colors that do nothing for you. So don't wear them, just because the outfit is cute or new.
9. You don't need everything that is pretty. So don't try to buy it all. And maybe some of the prettys of your stach ought to be tossed.
10.It is okay to throw things away. Really. Just because it is pretty (see #9) or special, or not used up yet doesn't mean you have to keep it.
I think I still suffer from a Mum who went thru the depression and who taught me well.
11. Your husband can't read your mind..... and all things considered, that is probably a really good thing. So tell him what you want.
12. Be genuinely interested in other people, it makes you a nicer person, but you are not required to fix their problems... they are quite capable.
13. Some things in life just "ARE" for no reason at all. Deal with it.
It makes no sense to waste energy on stuff that can't be changed, if you like it or not.
14.To love others as yourself, you have to first love yourself.
No, really, despising yourself does not count.
15. Love is not what we think it is. It is NOT indulging, spoiling or doing for them what they can do for themselves. But rather it is respect, kindness, compassion and forgiveness.
16. Be happy-- it's a choice.
17. Be grateful for EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. It is all part of the gift of life, and it all is there to help and teach.
18.There is a lesson in everything-- a lot of those lessons are about patience.
19.You can't only do what you enjoy, so find something enjoyable in all you do. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!
20.Doing your BEST usually is not perfection, but it is good enough for now.
21 Learning new things is great- then doing them is progress.
22.This too shall pass-- and that applies to both bad and good things.
23. Holding on to everything because it could come in handy some day is pointless:later, when you need it, you either forget you have it, or you can't find it.
24.Don't keep stuff you don't like. If you really don't like it, no matter how useful or practical it is, it will annoy you everytime you see it.
25.The currency of life is time- don't waste it, don't save it, but spend it wisely on things of worth: love more, learn more, and make wonderful memories.

There you have it. Now if I could just implement #21 first, I'd be way ahead of the game. Have a great new year with lots of memorable, joyful adventures.


Super Daysh said...

Thanks for sharing Mum! You are a wonderful "oh wise and knowing mami!" I hope it doesn't take me 'til I'm your age, before I finally learn all that stuff. :)

princess jen said...

I love this list Bibi! You are such an inspiration to me. I cherish you :)

Mythreesons said...

Good list, Mom! Most of them sounded familiar ;) Now, good luck implementing them! Or were we all supposed to try and implement these things?

Alan J. said...

That's a really good list Mom, good luck!

Bug said...

i like your list mommy. i want to print it out for myself. but you're right 21 is the most important isn't it? love you so so much and love all the advice you always give me, it is so helpful. :)

Kira said...

Wow Bibi! That was so good! You are wise beyound your years (because you are so young)! Can I use this for a talk in church? Imagine if everyone lived that way? Thanks for your words of wisdom!

Thoughtful Runner said...

More than a few nuggets in the list.