Tuesday, February 12, 2008

another dreary February....lol

(in spite of my numerous efforts to get the pictures and text together, the blog would not cooperate, so excuse the slightly off-set text)

January ended on a high note with Dacia and the Topherbugs coming for a weekend visit.
We got way more snow than we had imagined, so rather than languish in the totally white world of Idaho Falls, Sam and I decided to escape:

Sam looks good in orange, so there was nothing keeping us.

So, here we are on board the Norwegian Sun, leaving lovely Miami, for even warmer climes.

we got a rousing welcome in Roatan, Honduras

Here is a view of our cool cruise ship

Main attraction in Roatan: the Iguana farm, and again it was reiterated: tasts just like chicken. Actually the tour guide was way more impressed by the fact that this iguana farm also was home to 3(!!!) chickens!

How about a piggy back ride.

Or way up in a tree

Here is the local Roatan LDS chapel. Note the 8' chain link fence and the barbed wire on top.... they don't like it when their pews and carpet walks off.

The beaches and the water were fabulous. Wish I had that out my back door all the time. But the poverty was also there...

This is now Belize. We are walking thru the Jungle! I got a little souvenir from there. Some sort of bug bit me, and kept biting me even days later....

They had some cool ruins in Belize. It was almost too warm there, we both got a bit of a sunburn.

Next stop: Cozumel. We decided we wanted to visit some more ruins, since we liked the last ones so much, so we took a small boat to Playa del Carmen, and then a bus to Tulum. I have been there 3 times now and I still love it. Sam really enjoyed it too.

The sun came thru the window on the left for spring equinox, at the left corner of the big building for summer solstice, at the right corner for fall equinox and an other window not in this picture for winter solstice..... These Mayans were amazing. However, in a previous visit our mormon tourguide said the sun shone thru that window on April 6th... I guess we'll never know unless we go again on one of those specific dates.

The Promenade deck. We almost walked a mile! And we brought our exercise clothes, so we could go to the gym.....

The obligatory towel folding class. here we have a sitting elephant and a bunny.

Sunset over the caribbean, as seen from my seat in the dining room

Formal night. It is too bad you can't get a better view of my fancy new dress... it cost a fortune... (99cents at Ross)

Grand Stirrup Caye at the Bahamas, our last stop at NCL's private island. A fun spot for all sorts of water sports. We did some swimming and snorkeling, walked all over the place, and enjoyed the warm weather and the sunshine.

It was kind of hard to come back home, light snow in Chicago, and 2-3 feet of snow in our backyard!