Monday, August 13, 2007

Look at me! I still exist...and you thought I was gone for good

Please note the flying fish here

help! the lions are coming!

Alan the master photographer in action at Marti's Wedding luncheon

Some of my darling family

At the Bountiful temple with Sam's kids

Newport Beach

remember this house?

We had a great lunch here....remind me to give you those little rootbeer barrel candies I picked up for you

Life has been a bit hectic lately, besides, blogging is not really my thing, I just do it to please Emily.

We have been busy since my last entry. First we had Marti's wedding with 2 receptions, one in Pocatello and the next day in Sandy. They ended up on the 2 hottest days of the year so far, but we totally lucked out. In Pocatelle, half way thru the reception, we got a storm, not too bad where we were it was very sheltered, so we just got the 20degree temp drop; and then in Sandy, we got a torrential downpour right before the reception, but then the rain stopped and the wind blew everything dry, and by the time the reception started, it was lovely.

We took of with Kim and Sara right afterwards on our way to southern Cal, where Sara had a competition for some Highschool stuff. Unfortunately it was the night of the big fire in Central Utah, so we got to go on the 89, since the I 15 was closed, landing us in St. George around 3am. We stayed with Sam's Sister Anita, who is starting to get used to our coming at unusual hours. We got to CA the next afternoon and were delighted with the nice hotel room Emily had found for us. We spent the next week having way too much fun. We went to Seaworld, The San Diego Zoo, Tiuana Mexico (lots less tourist, since you now need a passport and a huge long line to get back into the US). The San Diego Temple, the new Newport Beach Temple and the LA Temple, to the beaches and of course to Disney Land. What a blast.

After that we had some peace and then it was off to the family reunion at Harriman state park. It was so good to see and rub everybody. I had a good time visiting with everybody and rubbing a bunch of them the right way. The food was excellent, the company was great, the accomodations were very good (thanks to Sheila) and we enjoyed ourselves very much. After that all of our kids decended upon us and had a blast. Sam and I got a taste of what it would be like to run a bed and breakfast, and decided that that would not be one of the things we would consider to do after retirement. It was very nice to see everybody, though. It got a bit crowded and hectic when a number of Sam's kids came aswell to stay with us. Bonniewas moving to Moscow, ID and was temporarily homeless, so she and her family stayed with us for a few days, while Sam, Aaron and Andrew moved everything up there. When the boys got back we got Sheila and Pat for a while to stay with us while they attended a niece's wedding.... And just so things wouldn't get too boring, I decided to twist myself into a pretzel at Yoga and totally put out my back. I have been in agony ever since, until Sam finally had had it and talked to one of the Doctors in our ward. This nice gentleman put me in his truck and drove me to the hospital, across the street from the church and administered a steroid shot, and now I can live again. Life is actually pretty good again and I am looking forward to visiting the great Northwest to be at Kira's wedding and visit Bonnie and visit Linda and go to Coeur D'Alene and maybe go to Glacier and to Butchard gardens......and go home and crash. Life hasn't been boring since I married Sam! The year is only a little over half over and we have already filled one photo album!

Okay, since blogs w/out pictures are boring, here are some pictures, you can figure out what they are.