Friday, June 29, 2007

Now don't you wish you hadn't pestered me to post another!

Alan's Birthday at Topherbugs
Aaron had a good time, it looks like, while Jen is dodging the drool.

One of our babies. I found him on the bottom step of the patio making a racket. When I came out to take his picture, he hopped off.

Man, it's hot in here! Could someone pass the iced lemonade please?
Baby batch #2.
Mom and dad are busy feeding the little ones.
Buggy made lucious fruit pizzas. Great Birthday
I never realized that you could literally "suck face". But here is a very good example, expertly executed by Joe and Dacia! Great Job!
And for the fashion conscious among you, here is Joe modeling the newest in late summer wear for the discerning gentleman.
Have a great week! Life is still great. I have a blast working in the yard in the mornings until it gets too hot around eleven, whe have had some sweltering heat here... I think it almost got up to 90! This more than makes up for the miserably cold winter!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yellowstone with the topherbugs and other fun stuff

Attempt #2: With Alysia's help...I've actually gotten some pictures on here now and I haven't thrown the computer out of the window yet. Awesome Alysia!

Here is a picture of the beautiful flowers Emily sent me for my Birthday, Thank you again! They are still looking fairly pretty, even a week later.

We had a lovely Birthday party at Alan and Jen's
house. We had an awesome Crepe Buffet. Everybody showered me with gifts. And I now have a bike that I enjoy riding around, with a super comfy seat. (Thanks to Aaron, my brakes are functional too now)

Thank you Alan and Jen!

This is me being stylish and glamorous! Getting lost in all my millions of gifts from my doting husband.

This was a really cute picture of Aaron that Alysia took. From my Birthday party again.

And here we are with the TopherBugs in Yellowstone. This was the big bus/van that the park rangers used to take tours around the park.

Sam took off Friday, and we met everybody in the Park.

And then we had a serious problem with a body in our trunk!!
She said it looked comfy and just climbed in. Her husband joined her later, but those photos aren't appropriate for public we closed the trunk. hehe. But they found the "Open" button on the glows in the dark! So, luckily, they're still with us.

Here is Old Faithful when it erupted. It wasn't half as impressive as I remember.

And...we could hardly find it!! There weren't any Japanese pointing it out for us!!

Sammy wouldn't listen, and got too close to the Buffalo. Luckily he did not get speared.

No comment. Beautiful....geyser.

Alysia hi-jacked my camera....and took her own photos of what SHE called "pretty scenery"...personally, I think MY husband's is the prettiest scenery. tee hee hee

Alysia and Topher tried every spot in the park, to see which spot kissed best. Her Andersen in-laws found a new slogan for the two of them..."been there, kissed there". Fits quite perfectly.

This is Jenny Lake. My husband is pretty darn cute. Doesn't he look happy!! Well, ok, so maybe he doesn't look happy. Pictures are deceiving though. He really was happy!!! Promise!! We're still working on the "cheese" part...he doesn't really get that that's when he's supposed to smile...

And this was a parting shot of the Tetons with pretty Spring flowers that were in bloom everywhere.

Alysia was kind enough to type this, because I am way too slow for her. She also pretty much wrote what she wanted on a few occasions, so I don't take responsibility for it. She gets all the credit too.

first attempt-- Yellowstone Park with the Topherbugs

So, here is my first attempt at posting. Emily explained it in detail and I took notes.

Yesterday we met the Topherbugs at West Yellowstone and spent the day with them, looking at Geysers, mudpots, mountains, waterfalls and wildlife. We had superb weather and a great day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Want to Play, Too!

Look... mummy has a blog now, too! She wanted to update us on her life, or lack thereof, so check back often and leave her lots of nice comments!