Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sit down, take a deep breath, close your eyes for a moment, you are not hallucenating, this is indeed another blog here from me... I am doing fine, thanks for the concern. It's just after reading Emily and Jen's blogs I got a bit winded and exhausted and decided to take it easy today... so I just stayed at the computer and one thing led to another. I figured out why I wasn't able to upload more pictures on the last blog... I had dropped the upload window clear out of the computer. I found it later, when I closed everything up, it was all smashed and crumbled on my desk , I had to iron and glue it and then figure out how to get it back into the computer...j/k. Anywho (to speak with Dacia) here are the pictures I didn't get to include last time, and for good measure I included the ones from yesterday. On Tuesday Sam came back from his State Farm Class (he has to take all sorts of classes, that's why he is so dang smart! ) and decided there was no use going into the office the next day, since they would be updating his computer system and he would just be in the way. So, how about a last trip to the Tetons, and while we were at it, lets leave a little early and go to Yellowstone as well. It took a grand total of about 3 seconds to convince me that that would be a swell idea. So I woke up at 3:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep (must have been the excitement) so I finally got up at 4:30 am and found Sam on the couch reading... no wonder I couldn't sleep. I sometimes wonder if he really can't sleep, or if the book is just too exciting that he takes every opportunity to read. So I got busy and grilled some salmon for our lunch, did a load of laundry and started to organize my cookbook. Then I packed the cooler and made some awesomely delicious salmon sandwiches for our lunch. Sam turned on the music...who was thinking about sleeping now! Well, actually, I was. It was around 6 am now and I was really tired. So we did in deed manage to sleep until 8:30 and were on our way by 9. It was a glorious day and we were determined to have fun. We went past Island Park and Herriman State Park... remember? The fall colors were in full bloom, swing.... what are fall colors in??? But I was so busy on the phone with Emily that I didn't even think of taking any pictures.. Oh well, there were more to come. Yellowstone was lovely and before long we got to see 2 elk, a coyote and a buffalo. Most of the other animals must have been on leave. After working all summer long at photo ops for the tourists they had earned their vacations. Wonder where they went. At any rate, It was very lovely and we were not unduely pestered by the animals. We decided to take a different route this time, a little longer, but one we had not been on for a while. So we missed most of the geysers, but got lots of the pretty water falls. It brought back all sorts of memories of family reunions and trips past. We got to see Gibbon falls and upper and lower Yellowstone falls etc... They were still as pretty as ever. By the time we reached Yellowstone lake it got quite dark and cloudy and it wasn't long before we had several cloudbursts. Nice. All the smushed bugs got washed off the car. By the time we got to the Tetons, it was nice and dry again, and we went right to the Oxbow, where I got some pretty fall color pictures. Problem is, you gotta be there in the morning or the sun is all wrong. It was still pretty, but the pictures would have been better with the sun in the east. We went on to Jackson and discovered a couple of new art galleries we hadn't seen before and quite liked. Since I had thoroughly endulged myself for lunch... homemade zucchini bread and out of this world Salmon sandwiches yes, Emily, I will post both recipes in the recipe blog after I am done withthis one. I decided to go easy on dinner. So while Sam got himself a double burger at Wendy's I was going to have a yoghurt.... until he put that strawberry shake with whipped cream and a cherry on top in front of me... try at least a little, I brought 2 spoons... when I could see the bottom of the cup I realized that he had brought 2 spoons... maybe he had wanted some of this too??? Allright! I walked for almost an hour and a half this morning, okay? Well, that's it, I think I am out of stuff to say, so I might as well stop. Love you all lots.

Yellowstone river by fishing bridge, right by the lake. Sam said that half a century ago his very words here, he used to fish here and there were tons of fish.. this time there were none, you'd think he'd leave a few for later, greedy little bugger.

Here are the rest of the Oregon, Washington etc pictures. We spent a morning at the Portland Temple.

This is at the Parliament building in Victoria, Sam wanted his picture taken with Lizzy and Phil. I think he is the best-looking of the 3.
Here is our favorite beach in Washington: Ruby beach. Last time I got my feet soaked. This time it was Sam's turn.

Pat's birthday. We almost needed a firetruck to take care of the candles.
The totem pole is in Victoria, part of the museum exhibit. And that's all folks.