Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sam's Father's Day Gift

Here is Sam's Father's Day gift from Marti and Bonnie. They took him to Bear World where he got to feed some baby bears. He wasn't so sure he wanted to but the video seems to show him having the time of his life. I've rarely seen him smile so much! Sam actually got to feed all 6 baby bears. the trainers put 3 blue pallets on the ground, turned off the electric wire and the 3 cubs hopped on and were ready. They each had 5-7 bottles of Lamb's milk (I didn't know lambs gave milk). And all the happy feeders got to rotate thru feeding one bottle at a time. Most of them were little kids, who were a bit reluctant to be so close to a bear. Not Sam. He was petting and rubbing them and really interacting. I almost wished we could have brought one home for him. The whole feeding took over an hour, so I think he definitely got his money's worth. It sure looks like this was the best Father's day gift ever. (I wonder how they'll top that one next year.) As you can see, Sam petted everything, even warthogs. I was a bit more selective.....the baby deer was my favorite.

After bear world Marti and Bonnie prepared a deluxe dinner.... Sam sure was happy (ham, twice baked potatoes and corn on the cob).