Wednesday, April 7, 2010

4 Years with my very sweet and loving Sammy

Happy Anniversary to my most adorable husband! And thank you for four fantastic years! I decided to take us on a little trip down memory lane... starting with this past weekend:
Letting Max explore the yard added a bit of adventure to our lives... especially before we realized that he can indeed get back down from a tree excursion.

We did lots of travelling in the last 4 years, exploring all over the world.... I think this picture was taken in Rome
this one was at Blarney Castle in Ireland
This is on the Seine in Paris
with Big Ben in London
Shrink-wrapped in Buenos Aires
My sexy goucho in Argentinia
Argentinian Market place
We had fun birthdays together
And amazing Father's days
We had lots of family come and visit.... that was always the best!
There were new babies to cuddle and toddlers to play with; they all love Sampa
More trips... this one to Sam's origins in southern California
found my love in San Francisco
having lunch at Pier 49

An amazing Church history and American History tour

I highly recommend my sweet hubby as a tour guide... he knows all the interesting litte tidbits about church history

Sam's Birthday
showing off my new hubby to my Mummy in Germany

Sam never goes anywhere without a book!
Visiting my aunt in Salzburg
Discovering another shared favorite: The Oregon Coast. We have to go up there at least once a year, sometimes more often.

some of our favorite activites at the coast:
visiting the Lewis and Clark fort by Portland... being a Clark, we got our own private tour
Mount St Helens
Kayaking on the Columbia River
At the Falls in IF
Babysitting in the backyard
One of our favorite hangouts, Jackson Hole. They have the best Galleries there, and if time permits we have ventured into the Parks for great sight seeing.
Sam does know how to cook and I must say, those pancakes were yummy!
April 7th, 2006, what a fun day!

Getting our marriage liscense

I thik we were quite excited
Getting our new house ready
Sam got a Valentine's surprise in his office

I made him put up the for sale sign
we do like grand kids... can you tell?
we like them a lot!

We love to hang out with family and friends

Honeymoon part II at Coeur d'Arlene
with a quick trip to Spokane to see family
moving into our new home
one of our first meals there
Proud joint new home owners
Thank you for 4 wonderful years, Sammy! looking forward to the next 40 and beyond!
I love you with all my heart.