Sunday, June 14, 2009

So I had a whole lot of cool pictures to post. I tried 3 times and every time it would not let me do it, so you will have a picture-less blog, until one of you figures out what's wrong and can help me figure it out.
This weekend is the first weekend back to normal.... and it is soooo quiet. Sam and I are ratteling around in our big house and it seems rather strange that there are no little ones around, no TV going, nobody fixing food.... could it be that we miss you all??? NO WAY! (j/k) of course we miss you, sillies. It had to be one of my favorite weekends of my life, having everybody here, having fun together and all getting along splendidly. You are the best. I don't mind having birthdays, if we get to celebrate them like this. Of course, it could have been even better, like real sunshine the whole time instead of the liquid kind, and everybody staying healthy, and no flooded basement.... we will aim for that next time; it would have been too perfect otherwise. So, hope you are all back home safe and busy planning out the rest of the summer. I would have more to say, if there were pictures to share. I am eagerly looking forward to the ones Alan took. Thanks again for coming, love you all.