Sunday, December 16, 2007

A merry Christmas to all!

It is a little over a week before Christmas, and my Christmas letter has been written, but not sent yet, I think I am doing well, considering that all the gifts to all 8 kids have been personally delivered.(Which means that they had to have been bought or made and wrapped previously). The house is as decorated as it will get, and thanks to Dacia, I even have 2 kinds of very yummy Christmas cookies (minus a few samples that went south with my able bakers).
So, I guess I am leisure to sit back and send everyone a very merry Christmas from the Clark residence. We have had a great and busy year, travelling here, there and Yonder. We especially liked Yonder. The weather was great there.
All 8 kids are now happily married, talk about a feeling of accomplishment! And Sam and I took very deserved vacations after the last two, to celebrate. In Early March we took off for Atlanta... we always call it driving to Atlanta, but we rarely go straight there. In Spring we took the detour by Nauvoo and enjoyed a Temple session in the new Temple there. Then we sailed thru Atlanta and landed in Orlando for a Disney adventure at Epcot Center (this time of year is super, no lines). Next stop was Key West. I had always wanted to drive on that cool highway along all the Keys to the end. It was as fantastic as I had expected it to be, just not long enough. But we had to be back in Atlanta for our grandson Daniel's birthday. Atlanta in Spring is absolutely wonderful. They have "weeds" growing there, that we cultivate as flowers, like Azaleas and Wisterias, Dogwoods and Red buds. Coming back here was a rather chilly awakening... no spring until the end of April.
For the summer we took several trips to Yellowstone and the Tetons, and the obligatory trips to Salt Lake and surrounds to see any number of kids. We had a family reunion of the Johnson Clan in September in the Yellowstone area, Bonnie moved to Moscow, ID later that month, and we went to visit them at their new home in connection with a trip to Portland for a niece's wedding and Sam's convention in Coeur d' Arlene. We actually managed to do a quick jig into the Olympic Rain Forest to visit a sweet brother in law and his family. In Fall we took a trip to Montana to visit some loving family in Bozeman and for a daytrip to the Billings Temple. We had a early Thanksgiving trip to Atlanta, (see the previous blog). Another early Thanksgiving family trip to St. George to be with the 4 Johnson kids and their families, where Emily and Alan excelled as the best Turkey Chefs ever.
We had our first snowstorm for conference weekend, which we did not like at all.
That pretty much wraps it up. So, all in all, we had a great year and we feel very blessed in every way.

This weekend Alysia and Dacia came to visit and to play. Alysia made a gorgeous wreath.

Dacia took a nap after making the most delectable chocolate cookies.
Alysia and I made fancy clay figures

This is our european themed downstairs tree with straw and wood ornaments personally imported from my Aunt in Austria

Here is my fancy Frog in the Wreath ornament once it got finished.

Dacia, the cookie chef par excellence, ...
and the dutiful cookie samplers (that could't quite make up their minds and needed "just one more sample" to be totally sure that those cookies were totally delectable.

My finished products: Frog in wreath, sledding bunny, bear in stocking and mouse on candy cane.

Alysia was concentrating very hard on her masterpiece, that turned at really cool.
So, a very merry Christmas to all of you, please stop by to see us for a bit (if you can catch us), be would love to visit. All the best for the New Year from the Clarks.