Monday, August 22, 2011

A thief in my backyard

These pictures were taken out of my kitchen window and the zoom is a little strong, but this happened yesterday evening while we were chatting after dinner, when we saw the "cute" squirrel on the fence and wondered what he was up to. What is a little hard to see, is the white string he is pulling on, similar to the one holding up a pear tree branch. He pulled on it as hard as he could, and then he bit it off!!!

He did all sorts of aerobics to get at it, holding on just by his hind legs and tail, so he could get the maximum length of the string. Once he had it bitten off, he stuffed it into his cheecks and took off!! The little stinker, I tie up my fruit tree branches, so they don't break off, when they are so laden with fruit, and I was wondering where the one string had gone, because I was sure I had tied up that one branch. So now I know that I don't suffer from a faulty memory, but rather a thieving squirrel!