Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Look what i did on Saturday!

I had been really tired of this ugly old brick wall. It makes the room so dark and it really dates the house. So I got oodles of paint-swabs and finally narrowed it down to two. Saturday was the day to start. Sam helped with the prep and then left to do some shopping and I got busy with the paintbrush. The first results were rather frightening, as it looked terrible and I started contemplating how to get it all scraped off. But then I took the small paintbrush to all the grout-lines and colored them in as well.... much better!

Then at the end I dabbed the whole wall with the darker paint and it looked really nice. Even Sam liked it.

We decided that we didn't like where the TV was, high up on the mantle. So he went out and got a little TV stand for it. It looks lots better there, and the picture is so much better too, since it is a flat screen.
Here is the finished project, all nicely tidied up. We are quite happy with it. The room looks so much lighter now. Next step: a new gas fireplace insert, but that might take a little longer.

A few weeks ago, Sam came home with this contraption for Max. He finally decided that it is rather comfy to sleep in now and then.

I really scrubbed and desinfected the fountain, because Max prefers running water, he always wants us to turn on the tub faucet for him, so now that it is clean, it's Max's favorite place to get a drink.
When we were taking down the last of the Christmas decorations, Max and Sebastian knew immediately what would make them look best:

Okay, all you cute family who might read this, it is no fun to post blogs and only get 2 measly comments. If you want me to continue this, you better leave a comment, or I am done.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Bengal Boys on the Prowl

We had a very lovely Christmas, with all sorts of kids and grandkids showing up. Grace was very helpful with the presents.

Even Adam and Brandi and their boys spent the night.

Bonnie and Aaron came for almost a week, on and off.
Marty and Andrew brought a very special Christmas surprise.
Grace really liked one of our little nativities... she stuffed it all in her shirt for easier transport.
She was totally delighted when Kenya and Amara showed up again, after having been gone for a few days.
Buzz Lightyear was a definite hit with her.

And she was a hit with Opa.
Matching PJ pants for the whole family.
Grace got a potty for Christmas.
Here are Sam and Marti's special Christmas presents

Meet Max and Sebastian, the famous "Bengal Boys". Marti brought them to our house on the 26th. We knew about them on the 22, when Marti told us that she was getting a Bengal Kitty. Topher looked it up on the internet.... they looked amazing, like little tigers in beige and grey. Then he read about them: they can get as big as small dogs, they are really nice to kids, they like water (they go swimming, willingly--- yes, we are having quite the time keeping them out of the bathtub), they will walk on a leish, they talk almost all the time, and they really like our company, which means they are usually underfoot. They are very sweetnatured and sooo soft.
They usually like to sleep on top of Sam.
Well, when Topher had finished, I knew I wanted one.... as did Sam. So we called Marti to see if hers had a brother or sister.... he did. Alysia came in really handy, she had a pay pal account. We had just finished paying for it, when somebody else tried to pay for it.... was that good timing or what??? I think we were meant to have this one. When it was all settled, Sam started grinning, and he hasn't stopped yet. I didn't realize a little kitty would make him this happy, or we would have had one sooner.
Marty and Andrewbrought both of them, when they came for Christmas. It was love at first sight for us. They took Sebastian home a couple of days later, and Max was all alone. He really got close to us then. I couldn't leave the room without him following me. He is a very cute kitty. We went to SLC for a few days and took him with us. As soon as Sebastian saw him, he gave him a bath! When we decided to go home a bit sooner, Marti decided we would be ideal to baby sit Sebastian while they went to NY, so we ended up with both of them again. They are both quite happy to be together again, they are like little shadows. And of course they have us totally wrapped around their little paws. Anything the kitty wants the kitty gets. I am waiting for spring to take him on a walk. I already have a nice little leish and harness for him. Sam said he'd come too!
The few days that Max was here by himself, he felt a bit lonesome for his brother, so he adopted the little stuffed tiger, that Amara had named 'fart"for some reason.